• ​​We build bridges that achieve sustainable improvements in the lives of impoverished communities through commercial agri-business strategies adapted to their needs and environment. 

  • We deliver enduring food security solutions by connecting resources, knowledge and opportunities benefiting vulnerable communities. 

  • We foster food security by promoting social enterprises, impact investment projects, innovative farming systems, sound food systems, access to local markets, entrepreneurship and public-private partnerships.

  • We empower local community networks, especially among women, to build community fiber and achieve communal interdependence.

We focus on the strategic process and succeed in shaping solutions according to the context of your organization, projects or program goals. 

Our team always offers an innovative but pragmatic approach to finding food security solutions. Our combined work experience is in bridging ideas and shared value goals with social entrepreneurial ventures,  international organizations, NGOs and the private sector.

Our Destiny

Why we matter

Our Strengths

Food for Development brings a great deal of international experience and expertise related to international development, agronomy, agro-forestry, animal production and international relations issues. 

Our destiny is to contribute to reducing worldwide food insecurity and poverty  by translating knowledge and research into action, and action into concrete "on the ground results".