We build bridges that achieve sustainable improvements in the lives of impoverished communities through commercial agri-business strategies adapted to their needs and environment. .

"Food for Development took us to unimaginable heights and previously unthought of results." 


"Food for Development will exhaust you with their imagination, insights and ideas. Of course they will also inspire you, illuminate you and elevate you to achieve remarkably sustainable results in contributing to eliminate food insecurity."

"Food for Development are the protagonists for responsible possibilities. They are a very

smart and resourceful group."

Clients' Testimonials

​Our core projects

Source and connect resources to eliminate hunger and create jobs by making smallholder farming viable.

Promote impact investment and social enterprise initiatives. 

Why we matter

Welcome to Food For Development. We are a bridging consulting firm that aligns leading development, agri-business and agri-forestry research with corporate shared values and local food security needs. Together with our partners, we stand for responsible strategies and sustainable solutions in food security projects.