• Source and connect resources to eliminate hunger, create jobs by making smallholder farming viable through agri-business strategies and access to markets

  • Promote impact investment and social enterprise initiatives 

  • Generate capacity building by teaching agri-business entrepreneurship skills. 

  • Build community self-sufficiency by promoting sustainable food systems – either rural or urban development 

  • Innovate in gender-sensitive solutions   


  • Maximize government policies and program impacts

          for target populations

  • Encourage cooperation among vulnerable groups and efficiencies among those fighting hunger


Our Four Pillars

Patricia Biermayr-Jenzano, PhD

​Georgetown University; Center for Latin America Studies (CLAS); Women and Gender Studies (WGST)

Thabo Cecil Makgoba, PhD
 South African Anglican Archbishop of
Cape Town and Southern Africa


Shared Value 

Saskia Westenberg


Federica, Patricia and Saskia met at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and Center for Latin American Studies. There, they observed first hand how challenging it can be to transition from knowledge production to reaching local communities that are food insecure. With their unique skill set, Federica, Patricia and Saskia bridge this gap. They see the end game, which aligns enduring food security solutions and their innovative clients.

Our Core Projects

Patricia Caporaso


Our Team

Eugenio Diaz Bonilla, PhD

International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI); Research Fellow


Our Board of Advisers


Federica Volpe


Vincent Mai

Cranemere; Chairman and CEO


Gabriel Brodbar

New York University; Reynols Program in Social Entrepreneurship