Patricia Caporaso



Patricia has 20 years of award-winning international agri-business experience as a leader in integrating science, research, marketing and sales  in Latin America, EMEA and North America.

She is a multi-lingual leader (Spanish, Portuguese, French, English) who has led large multi-division organizations working in cross-culture markets and environments.

Patricia's experience in animal production, animal nutrition, agronomy and rural development has been complemented with her work in food security, sustainable food systems, value chain and market analysis .

She has been a pioneer in social enterprise and impact investing in agribusiness programs. As invited Professor and Visiting Researcher at Georgetown University, she also served in an advisory role to faculty in the area of food systems, Trade and value chains, Livestock production, climate change and agribusiness.

She holds an advanced degree in Agronomic Engineering with a specialization in animal production (Master's equivalent) from the University of Buenos Aires and a Masters degree from the Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University focusing in political economy in Latin America.

A published author with more than 40 articles on animal and food production, her deep experience transcends development/aid strategic visioning, local community activism and many successful joint ventures with various influencer communities. 

She currently serves on the Board of Advisers in the University of California-Davis Olive Center and  Board of Directors of the Island Nature Trust.